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2015 Phillis Wheatley Book Awards Young Readers Nominee Shortlist

2015 New York Book Festival Awards Children’s Book Runner-Up

Testimonials & Endorsements

IS MY CUP EMPTY? This book it has a big and vibrant positive message, it shows the importance about emotions and also the way we focus or give importance to certain things in a very positive manner. The books itself is fascinating! I love the materials that come with it, the kids can work in an art craft activitie to show the comprehension of the book. It’s a wonderful story with engaging carachters and beautiful illustrations. Congratulations to the author! Your book is very inspiring!! Thank you for your positive thoughts.

— Nuria; Teacher at Maryel International Preschool, Manhattan, NY.

“In the years that I have known children’s author, Sherri Graves Smith, she has demonstrated grace, hope and faith in her ongoing fight against Stage IV colorectal cancer. While undergoing treatments for over eight years, she has taken that experience and used it for good, especially in her messages to children. Sherri’s first book in her Lil’ Sherri series, Is My Cup Empty? teaches a lesson that there is a solution to what may seem a hopeless situation. In a simple and light-hearted way, she and her diverse group of friends share a message that emptiness in life affords an opportunity to fill the emptiness with good things. I have shared her message with my grandchildren which is relevant to children and adults alike.

Is My Cup Empty? comes with an educational craft kit which allows children to continue the experience and share this message of optimism by creating inspirational cards for family and friends.

My grands and I are looking forward to reading future titles in the Lil’ Sherri series that are planned to address positive and universal themes such as, happiness, kindness and gratitude.

A perfect gift for any occasion, Is My Cup Empty? is inspiring and thoughtful and an enduring message for generations to come.”

—Ambassador Andrew Young

“Sherri Graves Smith is on a self-described mission ‘to write books that plant seeds of optimism, gratitude, hope, kindness, and love.’ She’s off to a great start with Is My Cup Empty? The first of her Lil’ Sherri series, the book uses simple rhymes and everyday situations to gently urge children to see the challenges they face in the course of an ordinary day as opportunities for growth and joy. By offering young readers another way of looking at the world around them, she empowers them to see and embrace their places in it. The beautiful illustrations by Damon Danielson show a richly diverse community where any child can find a character who looks like family. The book comes complete with stickers and note cards that are ideal for more creative play. Anyone looking for an inspirational book to share with the youngest readers in your life will find it in Is My Cup Empty? They will thank you for it!”

—Pearl Cleage, New York Times bestselling author and playwright

“Sherri delighted children with her reading of Is My Cup Empty? The book has a positive message that benefitted the students. As a football fan I enjoyed her Harry Dawg’s Game Day Rules which teaches good sportsmanship.”

—Diane Kellum, M.Ed., Atlanta Speech School Media Specialist

“Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston patients and families were so grateful to have Sherri Graves Smith come share her story, Is My Cup Empty? – it was a positive and inspiring message that stayed with them. Many thanks to Sherri!”

—Laura Schiener, Special Events, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston

“Sherri is beautiful person, inside and out! Her message is very inspirational!”

—Audra Segers, Director, Child Nutrition Program, Autauga County Board of Education

Is My Cup Empty? is a heartfelt children’s book about being optimistic, helpful and mindful. Being optimistic can be difficult for both children and adults. When life throws us challenges, it can be hard to always see the positive side of things. However, when I hear stories such as Sherri’s, I am inspired to be more optimistic and to teach this same optimism to my own children.”


“As much as we parents desire and work hard to give our children an enjoyable life, much of the success of our efforts depends upon the attitude of the child. Sherri Graves Smith does a wonderful job of coming alongside parents in the adventure of raising up the next generation…the positive message and great illustrations in Is My Cup Empty? make it a great addition to every child’s collection.”


“Interviewing author Sherri Graves Smith at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Theater in Los Angeles was one of the highlights of an incredible year for me thus far. Her book IS MY CUP EMPTY? is a MUST HAVE for anyone with children or those who teach children. I highly recommend it! I bought a dozen myself! Go get yours! Her GAME DAY RULES series is also high on my list!!”

—William Allen Young, Cast of CBS-TV series “Code Black,” Paradigm Entertainment

Is My Cup Empty? teaches everyone that you don’t have to do a lot to influence others. When someone sees you helping or having a good time, they will want to do the same. Happiness is contagious. …comes with your own inspirational card kit. With these cards, stickers and embellishments, your child can create pick-me- ups for those you love. This book and card package would make a great gift for any child.”